Cetacea – A glorious morning with friends

07h00 this morning was absolutely breathtaking. An eager sun rose over verdant hills promising to deal swiftly with the nights chill.

The ponderous ocean pushed up suggestively against the rocky shoreline begging to play.  Suddenly its inky surface was broken by a whoop and a splash as hundreds of dusky dolphin surfed a lazy swell.

And then out in the distance, that tell tale v-shaped blow of sea water. A southern right, giant of the south has come early to visit. She didn’t give much of a show, just a flash and tease and she was gone. The dolphin hung around though, carefree they gorged themselves on something delicious.

This is an incredible place, my church and salvation to many. I cant understand how anyone could rape and pillage this place for its perlemoen and fish all for a quick buck and a sniff of glue.

I really hope we all catch a wake up soon and those with the power actually start doing something, instead of just talking.





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